Letter: Mehrunnisa Akbar, Aldie

Editor:  How many more must lose?

At a loss for words, yet still I attempt to somehow express my concerns for this gross atrocity we faced last Wednesday. The mass school shooting is a not only a calamity for the residents of Parkland county or even Florida, but in fact for our whole nation. These were our children; their grief stricken parents, our peers.

How many more will it take to bring this nonsense to an end? Why are the lawmakers, the heads of the states and the nation not paying any head to this growing blight in our country? How many more must be slaughtered at the hands of these unguided, lost villains? Who will rescue their souls from turning into mass murders? What is it that these, mostly adolescents, need in their lives to prevent them from turning into blood thirsty monsters?

As I sit here and read the news of yet again another mass school shooting I cannot help but think of ways in which we must unite as one community and prevent such a gruesome act from recurring. This is especially necessary now because the officials who need to address this issue are not taking the necessary measures. A verse from the Qur’an comes to mind, “Killing one life is like killing all of humanity, saving one life is like saving all of humanity” (5:32).

We need to set our differences apart and promote humanity, values, tolerance and acceptance. We have a monster lurking in our own back yard, and the future of our children is at stake.

Mehrunnisa Akbar, Aldie

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