Letter: Phil Fust, Loudoun Brewing Company

Editor: It seems the Leesburg Town Council has not received the message. It’s come to our attention that some members just want the issue of food trucks to go away.

With the weather getting warmer, the topic is getting hotter and money is being lost and small businesses being mistreated by this stall. We plan to keep this issue on the surface and in front of all those who support trucks choice and safety.

If you have not signed the petition please stop by the brewery (at 310 E. Market St.) to show your support this Friday, Feb. 23, and have your voice heard.

Phil Fust, Owner

Loudoun Brewing Company

One thought on “Letter: Phil Fust, Loudoun Brewing Company

  • 2018-02-22 at 10:17 am

    They received the message, they just choose to ignore it. Since the downtown restaurant owners are friends of the mayor and town council, they are getting the protectionism they paid for.

    Elections aren’t that far away. Be sure to make this a political issue and publicly back the candidates who support the food trucks.

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