Hard Water and Your Hair

Do you feel a difference in your hair lately? Are you seeing breakage? Do you see an orange or green tint and don’t understand where it’s coming from? Your not alone and your hard water may be the culprit.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is high in minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. These minerals can leave behind residue in your hair and skin causing blockage in your pores that prevents the natural flow of nutrients from getting to your hair and skin.

What negative effects can Hard water have on your hair?

-Hair breakage
-Hair Discoloration
-Hair loss
-chemical reactions to hair color

Do Not be discouraged. Here are three steps to remedy the battle between you and your water.

1. It is always recommended that you seek out a Hair professional to do a hair analaysis. Once the analysis is complete and it’s determined that your on hard water highway, your stylist will be able to use a special treatment to safely remove the minerals from your hair and restore the Ph balance. It is also recommended that you do not try at home remedies without seeking a professional opinion. Home remedies may alternate hair color and may cause more damage.

2. It is not realistic that everyone battling hard water has to invest in a water softener system. Don’t break the bank, instead, invest in a shower head filter. Jennys Salon professionals have done research for you and according to consumer reports and from our clients,  the most popular and effective are the T3 Source Shower Head and the Culligan WSH-C125 wall mounted shower head. These were highly rated and the most mentioned.

3. After receiving a treatment for hard water removal professionally, follow up with take home products. Your Shampoo and conditioner are always so important for any hair type. Jennys Salon professionals recommend Kevin Murphy Restore Shampoo and conditioner for our hard water clients. We also recommend Kevin Murphy untangle and Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine as your leave in and styling products. They go well with restoring your hair giving it shine and integrity.

If you have had these issues with your hard water and have tips on beating them. We would love to hear it.

We hope these tips will help you on your hair health journey and we hope to see you at Jennys in Purcellville!

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