The Arborist, An Introduction

Hello! Welcome to Loudoun Now’s “Ask the Experts”! Thanks for checking in with us!

Before we jump in to answering questions, providing updates and generating curiosity about the trees around us; we thought we should share a little bit about us – your local tree ‘experts’.

Arbor Artist, Inc. is a full service tree care company. Would it surprise you that just that statement often generates the first question about us? Although WE consider it pretty basic, some people just don’t understand what ‘full service tree care’ is.

For most people, trees are things that grow around their home, neighborhood, playground, school, etc. They don’t think about them much beyond that at all, except maybe during high winds & storms. Trees are living organisms that, like humans, need support as they grow and sometimes struggle with disease or infection until eventually they die. Arbor Artist provides health care for trees (some people call us tree doctors). We start by nurturing the trees as they grow or providing guidance in the form of selective pruning so the limbs (think bones) grow strong. As the tree ages, if it encounters problems, we continue to care for it by assessing what is causing the ailment and taking corrective or preventative measures to help it ‘get better’. Some of the preventive measures might be providing additional nutrients (a.k.a. vitamins) into the soil for the roots to absorb or injecting specific pesticides into the tree to fight off invasive pests and disease. Depending on the illness, the corrective actions might include pruning out limbs that are diseased, decayed or dying/dead. Eventually all trees will die, be it of natural causes or due to environmental stress. When they do, or when it is necessary for public safety (or property/building safety), we help bring them expertly to the ground.

So what makes Arbor Artist ‘experts’? That’s an easy one …  our trained and experienced staff and crew. Sound like a ‘canned’ answer? Let’s dig a bit deeper. Trenton Thomas, owner and operator, is an ISA Certified Arborist with over 25 years of experience working with trees. Our estimators, Peter Deahl and Dean Massey, are also ISA Certified Arborists with over 30 years of industry experience (each!).

We can hear you now…. “So – what is an ‘ISA Certified Arborist’?” Good question. The ISA, International Society of Arboriculture, is one of the governing bodies in our industry. Not only do they set the standards for tree care but they train individuals to adhere to those standards for the health and safety of your trees, your property and of course, for themselves. Arbor Artist trains all members of our staff based on those same industry standards and sponsors them to become certified as well. We want all of our crew to be able to answer our clients questions based on solid research, education and experience. Now before you even ask the next one; no, it is not all book work! EVERY member of our team has “hands-on applied knowledge”. They don’t just know it, they have done it! The ISA requires that experience too. An individual applying to take the certification exam needs to have a minimum of three years of industry experience.

One last thing before we let you go. We mentioned the word local in our in description. It’s true, in every sense of the word. Not only has the company been serving Loudoun for over 20 years, we are based just north of Leesburg in the Village of Lucketts. And Trenton, the owner, is a lifetime resident of Loudoun County. The staff, well, we are split about 50/50 between life-long Virginia residents and ‘transplants’. Although at this point; even the transplants have been in Virginia for better than half their lives. If you want to learn more about the people that make up our staff, check out their bios on our webpage (Arbor Artist Crew).

Check back in here regularly. We will be updating the blog with seasonal tips for homeowners, educational moments, interesting news within our industry and more. Let’s start next week with a Call To Action! We will let you know about invasive pests to watch out for in your community to help minimize their impact on our trees and our local economy.

In the meantime, if you would like to have one of our ISA Certified Arborists come out to your home to evaluate your trees; feel free to call the office and talk to Christine about scheduling an appointment. Be sure to mention that you read this Introduction Post! Take care until next time!

~Arbor Artist – 703.777.8806 –

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