Letourneau Proposes ‘Game-Changer’ Rt. 50 Alternative

Supervisor Matthew F. Letourneau (R-Dulles) has proposed a road that would give south Loudoun commuters another way onto Rt. 28—bypassing both the Rt. 50 intersection and obstruction from Fairfax County’s government.

Historically, the Loudoun leaders have hit a wall widening roads in the southeast at the Fairfax County line. That government has resisted widening projects, and Rt. 50 has remained congested.

Letourneau’s idea, however, would reach into Fairfax to connect to Rt. 28 by building on a property that county cannot control—Dulles Airport, which is federal land. While there is no specific route drawn up, the proposal is to extend Tall Cedars Parkway north of Rt. 50 onto airport property, then turn east with a new North Collector Road on airport property and connect to Rt. 28 at the existing intersection with Air and Space Museum Parkway inside Fairfax.

The project would require the cooperation of the airport to put an easement its property.

“This will be probably my single top priority, because I think it’s the biggest game changer, at least in my area, because it would provide an alternate route to Rt. 50 and also avoid all the Fairfax County intersections and also avoid having to deal with Fairfax,” Letourneau said.

The total project is estimated to cost $180 million, although with no set route and a construction date well in the future that figure could change.

Letourneau has asked the county budget staff to find a way to move that project up in the county’s six-year infrastructure plan. Currently, the first year of funding is scheduled for fiscal year 2024. He has suggested moving back the Braddock Road widening project—another project that stops when it hits the Fairfax line—to free up money     for his new road plan.


One thought on “Letourneau Proposes ‘Game-Changer’ Rt. 50 Alternative

  • 2018-02-23 at 12:05 pm

    All new roads are good roads in NOVA.

    Nice to see some out of the box thinking with a practical application.

    Maybe the airport actually has some value. Go figure.

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