Shaken by Shootings, Leesburg Veteran Calls Cops to Destroy Weapons

In the days following the shooting rampage in a Florida high school, local law enforcement agencies have received calls from residents asking for their personal military-style firearms be destroyed.

The 19-year-old Florida man accused of carrying out the mass shooting reportedly used an AR-15 to kill 17 students and teachers.

Leesburg Police Department received a call last week from a resident who said she wanted to turn in two AR-15s, 3,500 rounds of ammunition, and about two dozen magazines to be destroyed.

She told Loudoun Now in an interview that she wanted to ensure the weapons, ammunition and magazines would not be re-sold, even though the guns and accessories’ value was more than $3,000. She decided to have them destroyed after seeing live video footage of the Florida shooting that showed students stepping over their classmates’ bodies as they evacuated.

“That was enough,” she said. She asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from pro-gun activists. “I’m a former veteran and these guns are fun to shoot, but I don’t want to be part of this anymore. No one needs this type of gun. Their only purpose is to kill people.”

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has asked residents to follow certain protocols if they wish to dispose of a firearm or ammunition. They are asked to call the office’s non-emergency numbers at ‪703-777-1021 or ‪703-777-1025 to have a deputy respond to their home or business.

A Leesburg resident voluntarily surrendered two AR-15s, 3,500 rounds of ammunition and about two dozen high-capacity magazines to be destroyed. [Douglas Graham/Loudoun Now]
“We ask that residents leave the weapon in a safe location and direct the deputy to its location,” agency spokesman Kraig Troxell said. “A deputy will ensure the firearm is unloaded and rendered safe before taking possession of it.”

Residents will be asked to sign a form authorizing the destruction of the item or items.

Sam M. Shenouda, Leesburg Police Department’s public information officer, said the two AR-15s officers picked up last week first will be placed in the department’s evidence division. “The guns will subsequently be sent for destruction. While this is not a typical call for service, it is always our mission to provide the best customer service,” he said.

Leesburg Police and the sheriff’s office said any surrendered guns and accessories would be disposed of free of charge and would not be sold or returned to circulation.

Loudoun Now photographer Douglas Graham contributed to this story.

14 thoughts on “Shaken by Shootings, Leesburg Veteran Calls Cops to Destroy Weapons

  • 2018-02-28 at 4:53 pm

    If you want to turn in your guns, that’s fine.

    But it seems a bit odd to me that someone who want’s to remain anonymous for “…fear of retribution from pro-gun activists”, made sure to call the local media so that their disarming was well documented and publicized. With photos.

    From that, I think we can all surmise the real intent of this event.

    • 2018-03-01 at 7:47 pm

      I’m going to bet $100 that the woman, the “former veteran,” in this “article” is not really a veteran AT ALL. You either served in the National Guard, Reserves and/or Active Duty or you didn’t. There is no such thing as a “former veteran.” Either you ARE a VETERAN or you are NOT. OK.

      That being said, the height of stupidity is to blame EVERYONE for what one person does. An even bigger one is blaming YOURSELF for what another person does. It’s true, that today, people in this country EMOTE and FEEL, rather than use reason and logic.

      I also bet another $100 that the reporter of this screed never asked to see the woman’s DD Form 214 or NGB 22. I bet the “reporter” (propagandist in reality) does not know what those are. Any veteran would know what these are.

      Don’t blame ME for what others do. Out in Illinois, there is a convicted murderer named Nick Sheley. He killed eight people with a hammer, a baseball bat and his bare hands. Should we ban those too??

      Danielle Nader, you are NOT a reporter, you are a mere tool of propaganda.

  • 2018-02-28 at 5:37 pm

    Levrier is absolutely correct — “anonymous” for fear of what? Nobody cares if the “anonymous” individual makes their own choice. This is staged.

    • 2018-03-01 at 7:48 pm

      Absolutely staged. The words “former veteran” really bring it home.

  • 2018-03-01 at 4:25 pm

    Of course it’s “staged”. It’s called a “demonstration” and “leading by example”. It seems odd to me that people would denigrate two such things that have a lengthy, respectable tradition in our country.

  • 2018-03-01 at 4:42 pm

    Levrier and Chris Manthos both are spot on. No one need fear pro-gun folks for deciding not to have a gun. Those who give up their guns need only fear the criminals who now know that they are unable to defend themselves.

    And this quote – “No one needs this type of gun. Their only purpose is to kill people.” – from the anonymous individual is wrong. First of all, it isn’t about “needs.” As others have said, we have a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs. And no one has a right to tell someone else what he “needs.” Moreover, AR 15s have the same purposes as other guns. To say “their only purpose is to kill people” is merely to parrot some goofy left-wing bumper sticker. It does not advance the conversation.

  • 2018-03-01 at 7:51 pm

    Adam Lanza did not use an AR-15 in Newtown CT at Sandy Hook school. He left it in the car he was driving and went in with two pistols.

  • 2018-03-01 at 9:15 pm

    Who stockpiles 3500 rounds of ammunition? At $0.40/round, that’s over $1300 in just ammunition alone!

    Was this person planning some “event”? Wow, maybe it is good this person turned in their weapon.

  • 2018-03-02 at 12:29 am

    Nobody is denigrating anything RDJ, and you know it. Levrier nailed it: An “anonymous” individual makes a personal choice, and then runs to the media to crow about it and make political statements?

    What is there to be afraid of? Who? Where? Why?

    How is “demonstration” and “leading by example” valid when the individual is……….”anonymous?” How does that work?

  • 2018-03-02 at 9:51 am


    I suppose we should see it as cute that our local gun huggers don’t think the gun nuts would take the liberty to harass an outspoken citizen who dared to destroy their deities.

    They wouldn’t flood their email with nasty profane messages. They wouldn’t hassle them at work or sabotage their businesses. They wouldn’t threaten their families…. ’cause that’s never happened before.

    May I be the first one on this thread to thank this veteran for her continued service to this country. I hope her actions catch on.

  • 2018-03-02 at 4:23 pm

    SGP, for someone who bases their activism on facts and logic, and holds their own no matter what, this is a one off for you. Why would you even throw that out there? It’s this individuals choice — again — nobody cares. You are also wise enough to recognize a stunt when you see one.

    Mr, Carney, I agree with your sentiments. It’s not just irrational in the extreme to blame all for the actions of one — it shows frightening level of ignorance — easy fodder for the mob, and a lack of critical thinking.

    I do disagree when it comes to Ms. Nadler. She is a wonderfully kind person. Thoughtful, scary smart, gifted with a pen, and a no nonsense reporter, and I’m proud to be an acquaintance.

    I admit I winced when I saw the “anonymous” reference, but I’m not her editor (not that she really needs one, but the second set of eyes from the boss – is what they’re there for.) I don’t know if she asked for the 214, or determined enough from the home to know that ‘anonymous’ was actually a veteran. If she felt this was correct, then I believe Ms. Nadler. I don’t know her politics, nor do I care. What I do know is she’s a fantastic reporter, regardless if we wish she’d dug down just a wee bit deeper on this.

    AFF… Somebody in Loudoun made a personal choice to give away their personal property, and they were hounded for it? When? Where? Who?

  • 2018-03-05 at 9:40 am

    Yea Dude- racists aren’t dropping recruitment flyers in our area either. The Klan doesn’t exist in Virginia? It’s a hoax right? Bunch of kids eh?

    Chris, you’re either extremely naive, don’t get out much, or completely blinded by your ideology.

    You’ve never heard of a person being doxed? Swatted? Living in LoCo doesn’t make one immune from becoming the target of the deplorable bottom feeders that populate the right wing.

    You don’t even have to leave this page to see what I’m talking about. Right above me you’ve got some Cat who doesn’t want to share the bar at the V Club with his fellow Vet (though who’d want to have a beer with a guy who confuses a baseball bat or a hammer with a gun?)

  • 2018-03-06 at 8:41 am

    I’m still waiting to see the massive up-swelling mob of our neighbors who fell for the supposed juvenile KKK recruitment drive AFF. Still waiting. I’m looking for Klansmen behind every tree. Still don’t see them. Have you seen any?

    Ahh, You believe this ‘anonymous’ individual would be the target of swatting. Is that not a left-wing tactic? I believe it is. Why? When did that happen in LoCo? For what reason? Who?

    When you write “deplorable bottom feeders that populate the right wing” — I have difficulty accepting a lecture about ideology.

    You can fall for the left-wing/right wing equation the establishment foists upon us. They want us divided. They want us at each others throats. They want us to fall for their ignoramus statements, and know-nothing platitudes … while they rob us blind of our freedom, our taxes, and our minds. But I’ll keep calling cow dung every time I see it. Show us some facts AFF. Facts and Truth — remember those? I bet you do.

  • 2018-03-08 at 7:22 am

    As a service to the community, I am willing to provide a $25 gift card to the establishment of the person’s choosing for each firearm they turn over to me. I will also provide a $25 gift card for every 500 rounds of ammunition turned over. I am willing to go through the legal transfer process of background checks with an FFL holder of your choosing…you pay the transfer fee.

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