Barriers to Go Back Up in Purcellville’s Country Club Hills

The 10 removable barriers that briefly went up on Purcellville’s Glenmeade Circle two weeks ago are expected to go back up on Friday.

Initially installed on Glenmeade between Country Club Drive and Ashleigh Road on Feb. 16 in an effort to reduce cut-through traffic in the Country Club Hills and Catoctin Meadows neighborhoods, the barriers were quickly taken down after the county’s Fire Marshal’s Office informed the town that its application for a fire code modification was still under review. Interim Town Manager John Anzivino said the town has since corrected communication problem with county emergency service providers and that the barriers would be re-installed March 9.

Before then, however, a technical advisory committee made up of a panel of first responders, town staff, a town council member and a traffic expert from VDOT or a different traffic planning consultant are expected to meet March 8 at town hall at 6:30 p.m. to review the program, come up with alternative solutions and solicit public input.

Additionally, the town plans to send out a second resident survey to gather more input on the pilot program. During last week’s Town Council meeting, Councilman Nedim Ogelman asked residents to share specifics with council members on how to make the new survey more clear. “We’ll try to do a better job for you all,” he said.

The previous survey was sent out Feb. 2 and received responses from 71 of the 134 affected residences in the neighborhood. Ogelman said the question of how residents would prefer the program to be handled was nearly a tie between installing barriers at the 33rd Street/Country Club Drive intersection and installing signage and using public outreach to enforce a no-cut-through policy.

Anzivino said the town would release the results of that first survey on the town website “in the near future.”

Walter Gibbs, a resident on Oakleigh Court, said weekly meetings are needed to come up with a more widely accepted solution. “A real plan forward really needs to be published with specific activities and associated dates,” he said. “We definitely need better ways of getting public input.”

Currently, many residents are opposed to the location of the barriers because they would not eliminated cut-through traffic, but instead rerout it from the eastern portion of Country Club Drive to its western segment and to all of Glenmeade Circle. Interim Public Works Director Dawn Ashbacher said that although the reroute has increased cut-through traffic in these areas, data collected from a town traffic study shows that it has cut down on the cut-through traffic in the neighborhood as a whole. “It is very clear that the traffic has increased on Country Club west side, but the increase is not equivalent,” she said.

Ashbacher said that before the reroute, 211 cars were heading into the neighborhood from Main Street during morning peak hours and 187 were heading in from 21st Street in the afternoon. After the reroute, she said those numbers decreased to 79 and 167 respectively.

“That gives you some idea of what the numbers are at this point,” she said. “There has been a significant drop in the cars coming through.”

Until Friday, Fraser said the town would continue rerouting traffic and gathering data.


Dead End: Traffic Barriers Go Up in Country Club Hills

One thought on “Barriers to Go Back Up in Purcellville’s Country Club Hills

  • 2018-03-06 at 4:04 pm

    To put it nicely, we are surrounded by friggin’ idiots. People are using this cut-through (and others) because we have a local and state government incapable of proper planning and building roads that have the capacity to handle the housing they approve.

    So, instead of fixing the problem, the government adds additional barriers to funnel people back onto their same broken transportation system.

    To the residents, sorry folks. The roads are public. You didn’t build them and you don’t pay for them. You can’t stop people from driving on them (although, apparently when you whine enough you can) because you don’t like the cars.

    Appeal to the newest Democratic Governor and have him put in a $50 toll booth to stop people. Gov. (D) Tim Kaine gave away tolling rights to the Dulles Toll Road. Gov (D) McAuliffe slapped $46 tolls on I-66. Gov. (D) Northam needs to put a big toll on something. Maybe this is the place.

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