Leesburg Council Supports “T” Intersection On Rt. 15, But No Town Funding

Two months after the Loudoun Board of Supervisors asked for the town’s preference to fix to congestion at the North King Street/Rt. 15 intersection town limits, Leesburg Town Council members made their position clear.

On Tuesday night, the council passed two resolutions. One expressed support for a “T” signalized intersection at Rt. 15 and North King Street. This would realign the intersection similar to what currently exists at Fort Evans Road’s intersection with the Rt. 15 bypass. Northbound traffic would not be stopped by the signal; a motion-sensitive light would stop southbound traffic to allow cars from North King Street to turn left onto Rt. 15 North and merge via a separate acceleration lane.

The signalized “T” option is estimated to be far less expensive than the other alternative being considered—a grade-separated interchange with an overpass to carry North King Street over the southbound lanes of Rt. 15.

While council members had previously voiced support for the flyover option, Tuesday night those who voted in favor of the “T” said they had gained a better understanding of the proposed design and believed it would be a good way to fix the problem more quickly. Council members Joshua Thiel, Tom Dunn, Marty Martinez and Ron Campbell voted in favor of the “T” option, with Mayor Kelly Burk, Vice Mayor Suzanne Fox, and Councilwoman Vanessa Maddox dissenting.

The county board had also asked the council if it would want to be a funding partner on where the project falls within town limits—about a 0.15-mile length. The cost for widening the road on that portion of the project is still unknown. But whatever the price tag, the council passed a resolution saying they did not want to contribute any town funding. Both Thiel and Dunn noted that town residents will already be contributing to the project via county taxes.

The vote to not support town funding on the project passed by a 5-2 vote, with Campbell and Martinez opposed.


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