Purcellville Town Manager Signs Contract, Prepares for Move

Purcellville’s new town manager has signed his contract and is now preparing for a move into town.

David Mekarksi, the former village manager of Olympia Fields, IL and city manager of Vero Beach, FL, was hired as Purcellville’s new town manager this week. According to his contract, he has been hired “without a definite term” and will be the “highest base compensated employee of the town,” as he is paid $150,000 annually.

Mekarski has agreed to move from Illinois and establish permanent residence in Purcellville by September 2019. Until then, he will have to find temporary housing within the town limits or no more than 15 miles outside.

In recognizing that it may take longer for Mekarski to close the sale on his Illinois home, the Town Council agreed to pay him $1,000 each month until September 2018, unless his home is sold more quickly. Once he makes the permanent move, the town will pay up to $10,000 directly to a moving company that is approved by the town.

The town is also set to spend up to $7,500 annually for his attendance at professional association meetings, such as the Virginia Local Government Management Association, the International City County Management Association and the annual National American Planning Association Conference, which runs from April21-24 in New Orleans this year.

If Mekarski or the town decide to terminate his employment, either of them may do so at any time by giving at least 60 days prior written notice at the end of any month. If the town were to terminate Mekarski’s employment, he would get six months of severance pay—$75,000.

Mekarski’s first day of work will be April 16, although he plans to be in town a week early to help with the transition process.


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