Quintana Appointed To Lovettsville Town Council Seat

For the second time in two months, the Lovettsville Town Council has appointed a new member to its ranks.

The Town Council late Thursday night unanimously appointed Tony Quintana, a business solutions director at Exostar and former planning commissioner, as the newest member. He was among pool of seven who applied for the seat that was vacated by Vice Mayor Tiffaney Carder last month. The term expires June 30.

Mayor Bob Zoldos said the decision ultimately came down to Quintana’s ability to keep up with current town events. He said the Town Council was looking for someone who was already “up to speed with everything” and that there was “no chance for a learning curve.” “It will be nice to have him up here,” he said.

Zoldos said that County Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens would most likely not be able to make it to the Town Council meeting next Thursday, March 22 to have Quintana sworn in. Instead, Quintana could be sworn in at the clerk’s office some time before then.

The appointment came Thursday night at 10:30 after four hours of closed session interviews spread throughout two days with six applicants, five of whom originally applied in January to fill a vacant spot that opened when Rob Gentile resigned, which Mike Dunlap filled on Feb. 8. Although candidate Nick Frederickson was not interviewed this week, Zoldos said Town Council members used their notes from the his January interview to make their final decision.

Three of the applicants who were interviewed are also on the Town Council ballot for the May 1 town election—Renee Edmonston, Matthew Schilling and Chris Hornbaker.

Zoldos said the appointment was “a super hard decision” and that “all of [the candidates] brought a lot to the table.”

Carder, who stepped down Feb. 17 to fulfill work requirements as the Lovettsville Library’s assistant librarian, had been a Town Council member since 2010 and also formerly served as the chairwoman for the town’s MayFest Committee.

The Town Council on Thursday also unanimously appointed Greg Ratner to the planning commission, filling one of two spots that were vacated by the dismissal of Frank McDonough and the resignation of Stephanie Wolf three weeks ago. Ratner was the only applicant for the commission.

Of the Town Council applicant pool, the only candidate to express an interest in serving on the planning commission was Frederickson. Zoldos said the town is trying to set up another interview with him before the Town Council meeting on Thursday.

The town will also continue to accept applications until that spot is filled.

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