Letter: Fariborz S. Fatemi, McLean

Editor:  Imagine my surprise recently to receive a glossy newsletter from Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock paid for by the 10th District taxpayers. As a constituent, I have not seen nor heard from her during her two-year term, which is about over.

In this newsletter, she hypes the Republican tax scheme that she supported—a totally bogus plan that really helps her rich contributors who find ways not to pay their fair share of taxes. The plan gives the wealthy and corporations the biggest cut and the middle class gets pittance. The corporations are pouring most of their gains into stock buy-backs rather than wage increases for their workers.

Comstock highlights that four million workers have benefited. But what about the other 110 million workers in the workforce? Stagnant wages. No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still a pig. The real facts about this tax scheme, to name a few, capping state and local taxes and property taxes hits most people in the 10th District hard. This Republican plan adds almost $2 trillion to the deficits which would lead her and her Republican Party to cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for their cuts.

And her hype about efforts to stop sexual harassment does not erase the fact that while she was a delegate she voted to use ultrasound on a woman’s body. Further, she says nothing about the over $100,000 in contributions from the NRA while our school children are being slaughtered.

A word of advice to the representative: Stop hiding, come out and explain to your constituents why you should be given another term. Explain your votes and stop wasting taxpayers’ money with such a propaganda sheet that should have been paid for by your campaign.

Fariborz S. Fatemi, McLean

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