Purcellville Considers a 2-Cent Real Estate Tax Rate Increase

Purcellville’s Interim Town Manager John Anzivino is set to present his budget to the Town Council on Wednesday night. While the details haven’t been released, he is setting the stage for a potential real estate tax rate increase.

The council held a public hearing last week on a maximum tax rate of 24-cents. That would be a 2-cent increase in the tax rate in a year when the assessed value of the town’s real estate also increased significantly. Overall, the real estate value increased up 5 percent to $1.4 billion; excluding new development, the assessments increased 2.13 percent.

Anzivino said in an email that the rate increase was proposed as an option to give the council leeway to add projects or programs to the budget.

If the Town Council approves the increase, town residents would pay an average of $90 more per year in real estate taxes, using the 2018 average value of a single-family home in town of about $450,000.

Between the current real estate tax and the 3.5-cent Fireman’s Field tax, town residents currently pay about $1,147.50 annually for the average single-family home.

Anzivino is set to present his proposed fiscal year 2019 town budget Wednesday, March 21 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.



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