Consaul Aims to Bridge Divides in Lovettsville Mayoral Run

With the Lovettsville mayoral seat up for grabs for the first time in six years, Keller Williams Realtor Kris Consaul has jumped into the race.

Consaul, 53, moved to town 22 years ago. Her decision to run came earlier this year, when Mayor Bob Zoldos announced that he would not seek re-election for a fourth consecutive term.

“If he was still running, I wouldn’t have thrown my hat in the ring,” she said.

She faces Town Councilman Nate Fontaine in the May 1 election.

Another reason for Consaul’s mayoral ambitions came in recent years, as she saw “a lot of divisiveness” among residents. To bring town residents back together, she wants to create partnerships, not partisanship.

“I want to be a bridge there,” she said. “For a community to survive, everyone needs to participate.”

In the short term, Consaul wants to help facilitate economic development, as the town is almost at the build-out point for new commercial and residential properties.

She also wants to help lead the town in a planned project that could expand the town offices by renovating the current 1,350-square-foot office and building a 2,900-square-foot addition. She said that there are currently security concerns when big crowds pack into the office for meetings. “We have to be careful that we’re protecting sensitive information,” she said.

In the long term, Consaul wants to focus on retaining Lovettsville’s small-town feel, something many residents strongly favor. She said the best way to do this would be to ensure that buildings conform to town standards and to work with county leaders to help visitors see Lovettsville as the legitimate town that it is.

“What does that actually mean?” she said. “For me, architecture plays a key factor in a small town feel, as does what you are seeing as you are making your approach into the town.”

As for her qualifications, Consaul said she has three key traits that help—her ability to listen and synthesize what people are asking for, her ability to bring people together to talk and work matters out, and her “calm and steady” demeanor. She also pointed out that she is available to residents at all times on any day, since she runs her real estate business out of her home in town. “I’m personable and accessible,” she said.

Consaul holds a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and a master’s degree from Catholic University. She has run her own real estate business for the past two years.

For more information, see her Kris Consaul for Mayor Facebook page.

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