McGowan Drug Possession Hearing Delayed

Wednesday’s snowstorm didn’t prevent actress Rose McGowan from attending a court hearing in Leesburg on her felony cocaine possession charge, but two key witnesses were missing.

The preliminary hearing was rescheduled for May 3.

McGowan’s attorney, Jessica Carmichael, did not object to the delay, but told District Court Judge Dean Worcester the actress was eager to get the issue behind her, especially given the “extraordinarily weak evidence in the case.”

Earlier this month, McGowan’s attorneys had sought dismissal of the charge. The motion challenged the authority of Virginia courts to hear the case and raised allegations that the drug was planted in her wallet, which she left on a plane after landing at Dulles Airport in January.

McGowan was the first woman to publicly claim she was sexually assaulted by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, effectively kicking off the Me Too movement that resulted in Weinstein’s banishment and calls to end sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry.

The dismissal motion was not granted in the March 12 hearing, but it alleged the drug may have been planted as part of a campaign by Weinstein to discredit McGowan. More than five hours passed between the time she disembarked, leaving the wallet in a seat, until it was turned over to airport police, the motion stated.

In the May 3 hearing, a District Court judge will decided whether there is enough evidence to send the charge to a grand jury for review and then to Circuit Court for trial.

Asked by a reporter about the inconvenience of having to make another trip from her home in California to defend herself in the case, McGowan said that Virginia is very beautiful and she enjoys visiting.

The case is being prosecuted by the Prince William County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

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