Letter: Anthony V. Fasolo, Leesburg

Editor:  In response to the letter in which Mr. Chris Manthos warns students to be wary of those who would take away their constitutional rights, I am unable to follow his logic. If he is saying that somehow people are trying to deny people their second amendment “right of the people to keep and bear Arms,” he is wrong.

As former Supreme Court Justice Scalia once said in support of the second amendment, while the amendment right is “not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.” So why does anyone need an assault rifle or why should anyone who is mentally unstable or a risk to society own a weapon.

What I hear the students saying is that they want Universal Background Checks and restrictions on who can own an assault rifle (which seems to be in line with former Justice Scalia’s thinking). I also have noticed that it was the students, and not adults, who started this after saying the they had had enough with people killing students and no action being taken to help prevent a recurrence–so in this respect I agree within Mr. Manthos—they failed—”they” being those legislators who kneel at the altar of the  NRA and do nothing after each mass shooting and those who deny funding to the CDC to study gun deaths. Yes, people have  a Right to own weapons but I have a right to life, too.

“Never Again” is their slogan and mine, too. So that is why I plan to stand with the students and on take part in the March For Our Lives this weekend in DC.  I urge Mr. Manthos to do the same to show the students that he understands where they are coming from as they exercise their first amendment right to protest.

Anthony V. Fasolo, Leesburg

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  • 2018-03-22 at 7:06 pm

    Mr. Fasolo provides a perfect example of the adult I’m warning students about; he refuses to acknowledge the gross failure of government’s role in preventing Parkland. Government at the local, state, and federal level had dozens upon dozens of warnings, indicators, and contacts with the murderer. They did absolutely nothing.

    Rather than addressing that failure, Mr. Fasolo blames innocents and deflects away from those who let this happen, while encouraging students to march against their essential freedoms at a rally organized and paid for by millionaires and billionaires.

    Think for yourselves students. Confront adults like Mr. Fasalo as to why no one in Broward County, the state government, or the FBI is being held accountable for failing at their most basic responsibility.
    They knew. They knew and they did nothing. Adults such as Mr. Fasalo are covering up for them. Why?

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