NVTA, Business Leaders Call on Northam to Restore Transportation Funding

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, with support from the Northern Virginia Transportation Coalition, has issued a letter calling on Gov. Ralph Northam to restore its funding, some of which the General Assembly has proposed to redirect to fill Metro’s funding gap.

“The strength of the Commonwealth relies heavily on Northern Virginia’s continual growth,” stated Prince William County supervisor and NVTA Chairman Martin E. Nohe. “While a dedicated funding solution for Metro is important for all Virginians, we urge the Governor and General Assembly to amend the funding solution so that the congestion-relieving transportation projects we have planned to advance in our FY2018-2023 Six Year Program and future programs do not come to a halt.”

The General Assembly’s Metro funding bill, which was passed with nearly unanimously support from both chambers including every Loudoun representative except Sen. Richard H. Black (R-13) and Del. Dave A. LaRock (R-33), redirects an estimated $108 million in local and NVTA transportation funding.

NVTA staff members have estimated Loudoun would lose out on nearly $28 million in transportation funding from the authority over the next five years.

The four principles the Authority has proposed in that letter were previewed in a special meeting of its Governance and Personnel Committee last week, and unanimously endorsed by the Loudoun Board of Supervisors the same day.

In descending order of priority, those include support for more state funding, that the state should revert to an earlier version of the senate’s Metro funding bill, return grantor’s tax revenues to the NVTA, and spend no more from local jurisdictions than localities are already contributing.

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