Loudoun Foundation Aims to Cover Student Lunch Debt

For a second year, the Loudoun Education Foundation has launched a fundraising effort to pay off debt accrued by students who eat school breakfast and lunch.

A Loudoun County Public Schools tally shows that students throughout the county owe the school system a total of $20,144.43 in unpaid meal tickets.

The foundation wants to raise enough money for those debts to be forgiven.

Last year, the fundraising campaign covered more than $20,000 of unpaid meals. The group said that, thanks to an anonymous donor, they started this year’s campaign with $4,000.

“Once again this year a grassroots effort has been organized on a county-wide basis effort to raise funds to help pay down these children’s school meal debt,” said former Purcellville mayor Bob Lazaro, who’s helping to lead the effort. “What better way for residents and business owners to share their good fortune with those who are unable to pay for their own breakfast or lunch. And, we all know how important good nutrition is to students being able to give their best academically.”

To donate, go to loudouneducationfoundation.org/generaldonation.html. In the comments section, write “School Meal Donation.”

Donations that exceed $4,000 will be used to erase the next school year’s debt.


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