Letter: KD Kidder, Leesburg

Editor: I would like to thank Evan MacBeth for his wonderful Letter to the Editor about our good neighbors.

It made me want to share what happened the other day in my business, Photoworks in historic Leesburg.

We specialize in restoration of old photos, and last week several different customers came by with different projects. On the same day we had a woman from Cuba, a man from Chile, another from Bangladesh and one from Djibouti Africa. Each interaction was full of positive stories and laughter.

While the man from Djibouti was here a man from Michigan also came in and they shared with each other the organizations they each work with to help people in need.

The man from Michigan had been to Africa several times It was so fun and hopeful for our world and our town. Now, I wish I had photographed each person as they laughed and shared their stories so I could share more details with everyone.

I feel so grateful to have chosen Leesburg to embark on our business adventure .
Neil and I are celebrating our 39th year of Photoworks. Unbelievable.

Thank you all for being here and laughing and sharing positive energy with us.
KD Kidder, Leesburg


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