Letter: Jennifer Moore, Loudoun County Historic Cemeteries Committee

Editor: The Loudoun County Historic Cemeteries Committee would like to express strong concern for the discussed disinterment of at least eight burials on the former Samuel Jackson Farm near Leesburg Airport, as planned by Peterson Companies, the developer.

As recent news coverage has stated that Peterson Companies are open to leaving the burials in place, we urge this option to be chosen over any further disturbance of this final resting place of these individuals. We know that research is being conducted into the names and stories of the family that is buried at this site, and we will follow this closely.

The Loudoun County Historic Cemetery Committee of Balch Library is comprised of representatives from the historic site, historic preservation, and heritage networks, as well as concerned citizens, and whose mission is to encourage the protection and maintenance, and public education of the importance, of all historic cemeteries found in Loudoun County.

Jennifer Moore, Chairwoman

Loudoun County Historic Cemeteries Committee

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