Miller Approved for Work Release While Serving Sentence in Infant’s Death

John Miller IV, the man sentenced to 12 months in jail for two misdemeanor convictions in connection with the death of a Lansdowne infant, has been granted work release.

The request was made by Miller’s attorney following the trial in February. Circuit Court Judge Douglas Fleming authorized consideration of work-release by the Sheriff’s Office, which found he qualified for the program. Under the conditions set by the agency, Miller is permitted to leave the Adult Detention Center no more than 14 hours per day to work at a job outside of the county. Miller works as a golf instructor.

“After a thorough review of his application and subsequent interviews with his employer, Mr. Miller was determined to be eligible to participate in the program,” Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Kraig Troxell wrote in an email. Miller met all of the criteria set by Virginia law and Sheriff’s Office policy, he noted.

Disqualifying circumstances include prior serious criminal activity, including homicide, robbery, rape and other Part 1 criminal offenses. Miller has no prior criminal history.

Inmates participating in the work release program must have supervised employment. The employer must sign the agreement to adhere to the rules and regulations of the program. Inmates are required to obtain their own source of transportation to and from work, according to Troxell.

The request was opposed by the family of 5-month-old Tristan Schulz, the infant that was struck and killed by Miller’s SUV in the crosswalk on Aug. 31, 2016. Tristan’s mother, Mindy Schulz, who was injured in the crash, sent Sheriff Mike Chapman a message objecting to any decrease in jail time.

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