Letter: Lauren Magnussen, Sterling

Editor: As the Virginia primary in June approaches and the Democratic race to claim Barbara Comstock’s deeply winnable seat in the House of Representatives ramps up, I believe it is necessary to speak up and encourage voters to pay more attention to Alison Friedman, a champion of human rights and an experienced, sincere voice amidst the cacophony of political mud-slinging.

Alison Friedman is running a clean, honest campaign. Her values are straightforward and positive; she advocates for change without having to resort to controversial tactics or extreme policies. Her words and actions match and speak for themselves: as an official in the Obama Administration, Alison fought against human trafficking, which highlights not just her character but her dedication to protecting the most vulnerable in our district, in the state, around the country, and across the globe. She is willing to tackle the hard topics head on – her stances on gun violence, the opioid crisis, and transportation are particularly relevant to our communities, and she seeks to take steps to ensure that mass shootings, overdoses, and transit problems are dealt with rationally and with thoughtfulness. We are living in a time where our current Representative lacks these qualities, and Alison can give back to the 10th district the dignity and common sense it deserves.

As a child of a single mother myself, I know that Alison has to work twice as hard at home, while also juggling a job that is complex, important – and taxing. Shouldering these responsibilities – and succeeding at them – is the kind of dedication I feel Loudoun County prides itself on and what our residents will receive if they vote for Alison. Hardworking, independent, and clear, Alison’s breadth of knowledge and even-mindedness will bring a breath of fresh air to both state and national politics. I believe in her, because her story is universal. She is one of us.

Lauren Magnussen, Sterling

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