ERA Advocate to Address Loudoun League of Women Voters

Equal Rights Amendment advocate Patricia D. Fishback will be the keynote speaker during the League of Women Voters of Loudoun County’s annual meeting April 14 at the River Creek Club near Leesburg.

She will address voting rights and registration for all citizens and what the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, which requires the support of just two more states, would mean for all women.

The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, adopted on Aug. 18, 1920, prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens on the basis of gender. The Equal Rights Amendment would guarantee equal rights for all citizens regardless of gender in such areas as divorce, property, employment, and health.

Fishback has been an ERA advocate since the mid-1970s.

The League of Women Voters of Loudoun County was formed in 1946, as the first rural League of Women Voters in Virginia and was recently recognized by the national organization for increasing its membership more than 34 percent and for its educational programs on voting rights and its voter registration of high school seniors in Loudoun County.

The 11:30 a.m. luncheon costs $40. Reservations for lunch and checks should be sent to League of Women Voters of Loudoun County, PO Box 822, Leesburg, VA 20176 by April 12.

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  • 2018-04-07 at 10:37 pm

    Kudos to LWV Loudoun Equal Rights Amendment activist Patricia Fishback on her Amendment presentation to your membership.

    If it is not unseemly or too late, may I suggest that all members who wish to learn more from those of us who marched for this Amendment’s passage in the 1970s and have now re-ignited the Equal Rights Amendment over the past 18 years nonstop, for free, we hope that you are all warmly invited to our newly-evolving site (crashed recently after 14 years of us reporting there.

    There, you can see the full information about the 2016 very broad survey of Americans about their 94% wish for this Amendment to be codified in our US Constitution! Awesome that Americans could agree that strongly about Anything, we think!
    You can see who are the 300 000 member-supporters of our nonprofit organization which partners with 3 other huge organizations with the same goal: passage of the Equal Rights Amendment via the ratification of any 2 remaining unratified state legislatures.
    You can see what we do 18 /7 for All Americans, its fine males as well as women and girls. Who objects, and why ($$, of course). Easy ways that you and your members can facilitate this noble cause by way of legislature contacts (We provide the name and phone numbers of Virginia legislators to contact, and a sample sentence to leave urging legislative support, etc.)

    We have 18 years of lobbying experience with 6 file cabinets of legal arguments, pro and con.

    We began as spearheads of Florida’s ratification re-ignited efforts, and continue.
    We heavily mentor the 5 or so other raifying states. It may interest you to know that we mentored Virginia’s first reigniting force, Diane Egozcue, when she visited my Florida home to begin to learn how to lobby for this Amendment so as to run Virginia’s effort! We are close Friends, still, as Virginia’s Senate and Assembly teeters toward ratification, urging them to hold hearings and to Vote for this enabling legislation.

    Several years ago, we were part of 4 states’ efforts led by Carolyn Cook to co-create the Amendment-facilitating bills in US Congress. Now, with but 2 states to ratify, we are heartily encouraged.

    Two points need to be made from our point of view:
    1. Passage of this Constitutional Amendment will benefit male and female alike, though women and girls take the brunt of sex discrimination while passage waits in the wings.
    2. Passage can, according to US economists, boost our GDP by 15%,similar to other nations already codifying similar language.
    3. Uniquely, passage requires no public funding.
    4. Studies show quality of American life will soar when equal treatment by male and female is the US standard. Divorce rates decline and marital harmony climbs as statistics out of state-constitution-passed Amendments show.
    5. As to objections raised to passage, our Constitutional lawyers have opined that what’s holding one political party’s support for the Amendment back is the fear that their corporate donors will refuse campaign donations if they co-sponsor this Amendment which can lead to equal pay for equal work in same jobs, same hours, same credentials.

    Just a few important facts we’ve gleaned over the years of our struggle to ratify states and codify the Equal Rights Amendment.

    You Are warmly welcomed to meet our Board Chair, former Equal Rights Amendment leader while in US Congress during the 1970s, Pat Schroeder, on our site, A humerous and down-to-earth Board Chair , she has won our hearts. You can learn much about this Amendment and our long, hard path to a victory for us all, especially, your daughters, theirs, theirs and theirs!

    Please consider adding my contact information to your supporter database, as we do contact your legislators every year at the urging of Virginia’s supporters. We have a stake in your future. Keep us posted? We are so Proud of You all.

    Sandy Oestreich, founder-president of National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance
    Prof. Emerita, Adelphi U., NY
    Fmr. elected official
    Co-author, internationally distributed pharmacology reference texts.
    Nationally certified Nurse Practitioner of 35 years; and Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Member, 3 Nurse Practitioner professional organizations
    Headed a Free Clinic for Seniors; worked for a NY City Hospital clinic
    Brought lawsuit w/Atty. Marcia Cohen (and won) vs a local Florida Hospital located on County land for actions that abrogated 1st Amendment Church and State separation. One of only two such successful actions in USA.
    Spoke before Florida’s Constitutional Review Commission 2017 to change FL constitution to enable Public Hearings.
    Biographied in Feminists Who Changed America
    Nat’l ERA Alliance, Inc, is a Lead Organization of the nat’l ERA Coalition,
    Member, national ERA Action
    Member, Vision2020, Advisory Board-for women’s empowerment
    2016 Nominee, “WOMEN’S SUMMIT”, DC
    2015 Finalist, St Petersburg FL “Best Nonprofit Business”
    2014 Recipient, AAUW/FL “Woman of Distinction”
    2012 Recipient, County LWVoters Susan B. Anthony “Failure is Impossible” award
    Previously, Women’s Rights Chair, Pinellas County, FL ACLU
    Wife and mom (renovation nearly complete–Go See, Learn!)
    Fbk: Pass the Equal Rights Amendment Twitter: @SandyO

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