The Life Centre: Does My Pet Need Pet Insurance? 

For our blog entry this week we wanted to discuss Pet Insurance.  Often pet owners don’t realize there is such a thing as medical insurance for pets, and how helpful it can be for owners –  particularly in the event of an emergency.

Imagine for example that your young dog got into chocolate, or the trash can, and is facing either an overnight hospital stay or surgery.  If up to 90% of that bill were covered by an insurance policy – Do you think you might make different choices about the treatment plan you would choose?

What about a cat who needs heart medication and regular screenings to keep them healthy and comfortable as they age? Medicine that may be a bit above your budget, but doable if it were even partially paid for? With your payment of the deductible amount you’ve chosen, and an affordable monthly premium – What if you were reimbursed for 75% or more of the prescription medications and regular Cardiologist appointments your pet needs?

We cannot recommend one company over another, as pet owners need to investigate discounts, exclusions, payment amounts, and coverage limits and customize them as needed.  Also, types and numbers of pets in the home, preexisting conditions and your budget all are factors-  but we STRONGLY recommend looking at getting a least a basic policy for your pets.

The questions on the insurance sites are easy to answer, and quotes, with no obligation, are delivered within moments.  You can select whether they reimburse you or the veterinarian directly, how much you would like your deductible to be, what monthly payment you can afford, and add or edit as many times as you would like.

There are many, many companies out there and best of all – You can go to any veterinarian you choose.  Your primary care, a specialist like our Cardiology practice, or our Emergency room.

The fine print?  YOU MUST GET INSURANCE BEFORE YOUR PET IS ILL or INJURED.  Please consider it now, before you need it.  Pre-existing conditions are one of the areas that insurance companies are sticklers about and getting coverage sooner than later is a smart move.

Please follow this link to The American Veterinary Medical Association for more excellent information, why they too recommend having insurance, a list of major providers, and some things to look for  >

Here is another site > that shares what veterinarians and policyholders like and dislike about 20 major providers.
After treating thousands of patients in the past 10 years we know that no two cases are the same and that every pet, treatment plan and family are different.  One thing is constant, however – We want what’s BEST.   The best medicine, the best options, the best results and the best care.  If having an insurance policy puts the best within our reach – it is no surprise we recommend them.

Seeing owners who are faced with making choices about their pets based on the question “How much does this cost?” is heartbreaking.  We never want anyone to feel that the cost of care is prohibitive or make life and death decisions because of finances. The point is not to scare you, it is the opposite if we have solutions that may help you – We want you to be aware of them.
While having insurance will not cover everything, and sometimes very difficult medical cases have other factors like age, quality of life, the length or prognosis for a recovery, and more.  If you can have a little extra support financially that just that might make some choices easier.

We know the care we provide is costly. Our staffing, equipment, training, and hospitals are state of the art and open 24-7.   We invest in the best for our clients, so we can help you when you need us and want the best possible outcome for every. single. pet.  As pet owners ourselves we know difficult having an ill pet can be – our hope is that insurance will be the bridge between wanting the very best care and being able to choose it readily.

Please take some time to look at your options. Please share with your friends who may find the links helpful.   Woof! (Thank you!)

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APRIL 12, 2018  6:30pm doors open, Ceremony 7:00pm

St. James Episcopal Church, Leesburg, VA

Music, Readings, Inspirational Speaker –

Sharing the memories and celebrating pets who have passed away

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APRIL 21, 2018 10:00 am – 4:00pm

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Dog Wash $15-$25 depending on the size of the dog

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Cash and Checks accepted

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