Letter: Samantha Villegas, South Riding

Editor:   I commend the Loudoun County School Board on a very important action they took this past week. They passed a Gun Violence Prevention Resolution that did 3 important things: (1) it demonstrated the board’s awareness of the growing threat of gun violence in our communities and in schools; (2) it highlighted all the important strategies LCPS has in place for preventing gun violence; and, most importantly, (3) it showed that the board knows there is a limit to what they can do to protect our children from gun violence, and they boldly called on those with greater power—our state and federal legislators—to prioritize children’s protection from gun violence.

The five members who voted in favor of this resolution understand clearly the worthiness of a resolution like this, at specifically this moment in time. It signals to the thousands of parents they serve that they understand we are concerned, and they share that concern. They understand that this resolution doesn’t solve the problem, but it brings solving it to the fore. They know this resolution isn’t a statement on their politics, it’s not an infringement to anyone’s constitutional rights and it is not an overreach of their duty as school board members, but rather, a critical part of their duty of care. Last, they join other powerful voices in education in the metropolitan Washington area, calling upon our legislators to act.

I commend the five who voted in favor. Thank you to Ms. Maloney who initiated this action, and to Ms. Sheridan, Mr. Hornberger, Ms. Huck and Mr. Marshall for your leadership.

Samantha Villegas, South Riding

One thought on “Letter: Samantha Villegas, South Riding

  • 2018-04-18 at 10:38 am

    “duty to care?” Is there a definition of that ‘duty’ listed somewhere?

    What I really want to know is exactly how many School Resources Officers did this political statement provide to our schools? How many were requested in their budget? How many meetings have they held with the BOS and the Sheriff working on ways to get SRO’s into every single school?

    Are those crickets I hear?

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