Letter: TJ Ciccone, Leesburg

Editor: I am writing in regard to the light removal at Belmont Ridge and Rt. 7. I think a big “thank you” needs to go out to the county planning committee on this huge milestone. Also, there is one part of this story that was not reflected in the newspaper articles.

About a year ago, I recall reading about the dispute between Loudoun County and the owner of the Dulles Greenway. The county wanted the toll road owner to change the system to a graded toll, allowing for congestion relief on some of the county roads. The story ended with the toll road owners basically turning up their noses at the request and not making any changes.

It now appears the county has taken a stand for the people in this regard. With the removal of the Belmont Ridge light, along with the earlier removal of the light at Ashburn Village, more traffic can avoid the toll road and travel along Rt. 7. The county basically gave it right back to the toll road owners and the message is clear—change the way you run the toll road or we will just go around you! It is rare to see this type of “people” ownership in a rapidly expanding county. Especially one with the highest per capita income in the U.S.

Thank you Loudoun County for making this happen and finding a way for us to keep a little more money in our pockets.

I look forward to reading your paper every week. It is part of my Friday morning routine. I get up, set the paper on the counter, and read it aloud to my wife as she makes us eggs and toast.

TJ Ciccone, Leesburg

One thought on “Letter: TJ Ciccone, Leesburg

  • 2018-04-25 at 1:57 pm

    I agree. Thank you very much for eliminating lights on Route 7. That has quite simply been the best, most effective, transportation solution Loudoun has seen in 20 years.

    Too bad badly needed road money will now be diverted to pay for Metro. Better, cheaper solutions can be made with road improvements and all of us Rt 7 drivers can clearly see the effects of real transportation solutions.

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