Loudoun School Board Moves to Create Special Ed Committee

In response to allegations that discipline of Loudoun County special education students includes locking them in isolation rooms for hours at a time, the School Board wants to create an ad hoc committee on special education services.

Board Chairman Jeff Morse (Dulles) initially suggested creating a panel of three School Board members, school staff, and parents to review special education policies, practices and procedures. He said his colleagues on the board were receptive to the idea.

“The intention is to adequately define the roles and responsibilities of a special education committee,” Morse said. The ad hoc committee’s charge will be to “review polices, practices and procedures, so we can determine ways to improve our services to the special needs community.” The committee will present its recommendation to the full School Board no later than Nov. 30.

Under Morse’s recommendation, the committee will be made up of 17 voting members: three board members, six members from school staff nominated by Superintendent Eric Williams or his designee, three parents from the special needs community, one member from the Gifted Advisory Committee, one member from the Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee, one member from the Special Education Advisory Committee, as well as two past chairpersons or vice chairpersons from that committee.

The board will vote to formally create the ad hoc committee, and adopt language that guides its goals, at its April 24 meeting.


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One thought on “Loudoun School Board Moves to Create Special Ed Committee

  • 2018-04-18 at 11:06 am

    Let’s see. We have 9 members representing LCPS (3 board members and 6 employees) out of 17 total members. Hmm, isn’t that a majority already? So the school system is creating another propaganda outlet to tell us what a great job they are doing. Some parents and advocates are thrown in for sure without any real power. What a “novel idea”?!

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