Dulles South Recreation Center Pool Opening Delayed

The Dulles South Recreation and Senior Center is facing—it is hoped—one last delay before it opens completely.

According to Supervisor Matthew F. Letourneau’s (R-Dulles) newsletter to constituents, the center has seen three main delays: unexpected difficulties at the site before construction, which required some plans be redrawn; problems with constructing the building’s mechanical and electrical systems; and now, the pool filters.

After noticing performance problems in the center’s leisure pools, staff at the facility brought in the maintenance contractor to examine the pool filtration. Eventually the contractor disassembled the system in that pool, finding problems in a pre-assembled part of the system. The decision was then made also to disassemble and repair the filtration systems in the center’s competition pool and spa.

Work on the spa filtration has been completed—leaving the several hundred filters on the competition pool. Letourneau wrote if all goes well, the county could be ready within the next two weeks to set an opening date.

“If there is good news, it is that the project remains within its budget, but it has cost time,” Letourneau wrote. “As I’ve mentioned before, the contract did have performance clauses and deadlines, and obviously those have not been met. Those will be issues that are worked through during a liquidated damages process following project closeout, after the facility is fully open.”

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