Top Jewelry Designer to Visit Ketterman’s in Leesburg

Ketterman’s will welcome designer Susan Davis to the Leesburg store on Monday, April 30. Davis is the owner, designer and “chief buttonologist” of Grandmother’s Buttons. She will display her extensive collection of jewelry made with vintage and antique buttons.

Many of the buttons used by Susan Davis and her team of jewelry designers are more than 100 years old from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. This year’s jewelry collection includes buttons made from brass, pewter, glass, cut steel, and velvet.

“We’re excited to have Susan bring history and style together for our clients,” stated Tammi Ketterman, “She is an expert in old buttons and is able to create extraordinary pieces that highlight the unique character of each button.”

Grandmother’s Buttons was inspired by Davis’ 1985 visit to her grandmother, who, like many people of her generation, had a button box. While looking through the buttons, a jet button caught Davis’ eye for use as an earring. Today, the company’s jewelry designs are distributed throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and Japan.

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