‘Darknet’ Drug Dealer Convicted After Fatal Overdose of LCSO Family Member

A Pennsylvania man has been sentenced to life in federal prison following his conviction on charges of distribute thousands of packages containing numerous synthetic drugs to hundreds of customers throughout the United States.

According to evidence in the case, Jeremy Achey, 43, of Bethlehem, PA, operating under the name EtiKing, was one of the largest synthetic drug distributors on Alphabay Market, a “Darknet” marketplace for illicit substances.

One of his buyers was the daughter of a Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office employee. In February 2017, the 25-year-old victim traveled to Florida where she suffered a fatal overdose after a buying a gram of tetrahydrofuran fentanyl through the internet. Sheriff Mike Chapman contacted the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Orlando office and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to help investigate the source of the drug. The efforts of the DEA and numerous other law enforcement agencies led investigators to Achey, who was charged with narcotics conspiracy and distribution of controlled substance analogues.

His trial was the first time a federal death case for narcotics conspiracy and distribution of controlled substance analogues was successfully prosecuted by the Middle District of Florida.

“We will spare no effort to go after the people that distribute this poison throughout our community, especially when someone dies as a result,” Chapman stated in announcing the results of the case. “This painful scourge is impacting way too many families. I am pleased that through our strong law enforcement relationships we are able to hold these deadly drug dealers accountable.”


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