Letter: Jerry LaMora, Purcellville

Editor: There is a small section of Hillsboro Road about a mile south of Rt. 9 where the road narrows to a single lane because of a small creek running beneath it. This isn’t really a bridge or anything complex. Just a culvert pipe to allow water to cross beneath the road. Nevertheless, both directions have a yield sign posted and traffic is forced to alternate back and forth.
About once a year, someone fails to yield and ends up hitting the concrete barrier on the edge of the road. The last time this happened was about two years ago and the barrier sat un-repaired ever since with orange barrels marking the danger. I assumed that it was taking over two years to repair so that VDOT could re-engineer the culvert and widen the road.
A few weeks ago, VDOT began repairs and I thought they would finally fix the road correctly and widen the one lane section.
Work crews built new forms, poured concrete footings, and erected new concrete barriers on both sides of the road. And guess what? They didn’t make the road a single inch wider than it used to be. This shows a ridiculous lack of common sense and fiscal irresponsibility. How much more would it have cost to pour an extra yard or two of concrete to widen the road a few more feet?
Now the county wants to move forward with a new interchange at Rt. 690 and Rt. 7. The estimated budget for this is over $40 million. If this interchange is completed, it would funnel an estimated 2,000 additional cars per day down Hillsboro Road and directly into the built in bottleneck of this one lane section of road. This is a problem that needs to be re-addressed and corrected before anything moves forward with the new interchange.
I hope someone from our Board of Supervisors is reading this.
Jerry LaMora, Purcellville

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