Letter: Gladys S. Lewis, Lucketts

Editor: Here is an alarming thought about the county’s plan to four lane Rt. 15 from Leesburg to Montresor Road with a merge north of this point.

Right now, northbound evening commuters do not have a useful alternative to staying on Rt. 15 north to Lucketts. This will change if Rt. 15 is four-laned to Montresor. Currently, as you may know, many southbound morning commuters turn right onto Stumptown Road then left on Montresor while others turn right on St. Clair Lane and other rural roads east of Rt. 15 to by-pass backups on Rt. 15 causing a morning rush on these roads. The plan to place the merge for northbound traffic north of Montressor will encourage evening commuters, as well, to divert to Limestone School Road and north through the rural countryside possibly going as far north as St. Clair Lane to miss the back-ups at the downtown-Lucketts light on Rt. 15. Surely, Waze and other traffic-guiders will suggest this alternative.

What will this mean for rural residents? Continuous rush-hour traffic in the evening will heavily impact our narrow, dirt roads which have dangerous turns including blind-90° turns and an historic one-lane bridge. This will endanger our children, and ourselves and make it impossible for emergency vehicles to assist us when necessary.

The plan to four-lane Rt. 15 to Montresor Road needs to be removed to prevent this from happening or those of us who live north of Whites Ferry Road and east of Rt. 15 will have a nightmare to deal with.

Gladys S. Lewis, Lucketts

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