Leesburg Planning Commission Endorses Fireworks Fix

The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of a Zoning Ordinance amendment that would allow fireworks stands to set up for longer periods.

A fireworks stand vendor had approached the Town Council a few months ago to point out that town regulations limited the his operation to 10 consecutive days during a six-month period. According to Zoning Administrator Chris Murphy, the staff had supported allowing the stands to operate 20 consecutive days once per year, but that violated the ordinance.

The amendment establishes fireworks stands as a specific use. Previously, fireworks stands had been lumped in with other temporary uses, like retail sales events, carnivals, circuses, tent revivals, and more. Those uses would still have a 10 consecutive day maximum, twice per year.

If approved by the Town Council, fireworks stands will now be permitted to be in operation for 30 consecutive days in any 12-month period. A public hearing on the text amendment is scheduled for the May 15 council meeting.

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