Purcellville to Spend Up to $20,000 for Path Purchase, Repair Work

The Purcellville Town Council plans to spend thousands to purchase and repair a pedestrian path that connects the Courts of Saint Francis neighborhood with South 20th Street.

The council on Tuesday directed the town staff to purchase the path from Jason Brownell, whose father built the subdivision, for $5,000 and to spend an estimated $13,100 on work required to reopen it. According to a staff report, residents frequently use the path to walk to and from the Purcellville Library, the Loudoun Valley Community Center and Fireman’s Field.

“It really does sound like a win-win-win,” said Vice Mayor Nedim Ogelman. “This is a crucial path that connects multiple neighborhoods.”

To purchase the 160-foot-long path, the town will make a $5,000 donation to HeroHomes, a nonprofit organization, led by Brownell, that builds houses for injured military veterans. A portion of that money will be pulled from the Town Council’s discretionary fund, which allots $500 annually for donations to a nonprofit. Interim Public Works Director Dawn Ashbacher said the remainder would be shifted from existing line items in the Public Works budget.

HeroHomes plans to use the $5,000 to help build the future Gold Star Memorial to honor fallen war heroes from the area. The memorial will be located on Stephan Mace Court in The Village Case neighborhood near the Purcellville Baptist Church. Mace was a U.S. Army specialist from Purcellville who was killed in 2009 in a Afghanistan outpost of 53 soldiers that was attacked by 400 Taliban.

The path is closed because of damaged from tree roots. The town will perform multiple tasks needed to reopen it—$2,7000 to perform a survey and plat, $850 for a structural assessment of a small footbridge, $350 to perform a title search for the property, $2,500 for tree removal, $1,700 for repairs and $5,000 to ensure the path is in compliance with regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ashbacher said work on the path acquisition and repairs could begin as early as next week, when a property survey is initiated.


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