Finz To Retire in July, Lovettsville Prepares to Solicit Town Manager Candidates

For a second time in less than a year, the Town of Lovettsville will have to find a new town manager.

Town Manager Sam Finz announced Thursday that he will retire on July 6 after only five months in the post. Finz said his decision to step down is strictly for personal and health-related reasons. Having had surgery just two weeks ago, Finz said he is now going through a series of treatments and doesn’t feel comfortable signing another contract in July.

“I really need to concentrate on my issues and I don’t feel like I can continue on at the same level,” he said.

Zoldos said that the town is aiming to put together a recruitment package to advertise with municipal government organizations before July 1. Interviews could be conducted in July and a hire made in August.

“We’re going to try to do that as fast as possible,” Zoldos said. “We’re hoping for someone with a good amount of experience.”

The Town Council, along with Council Members-elect Christopher Hornbaker, Renee Edmonston and Matthew Schilling, plan to discuss the process for selecting a new town manager in greater detail during a closed session on Thursday, May 24.

Finz has been a key part of the town’s government operations for the past 13 years, formerly serving as the town planner, as a general consultant and as the interim town manager on three different occasions. In 2005, he helped the Town Council hire its first town manager, Tim Faust. When Faust left the town a year later,Finz helped recruit Keith Markel for the position. In 2014, when Markel left to take a job as Leesburg’s deputy town manager, Finz returned to help recruit yet another town manager, Laszlo Palko.

Finz took on the role of interim town manager for a third time when Palko resigned last summer to become the city manager of Manassas Park. This time Finz agree to take town manager’s post himself, after multiple attempts by the Town Council and previous ones, to persuade him to do so. Since Dec. 14, Finz has helped to strengthen the town’s financial standing, most notably by adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to under-funded reserve funds.

Although he will resign from his post in seven weeks, Finz said that if the new Town Council is amenable, he would be willing to work as a part-time consultant to help see out Capital Improvement Plan projects. “I would hate to see those things stop because I’m leaving”

The next town manager will be Lovettsville’s fifth and will help to implement the fiscal year 2019 budget and complete the Broad Way Improvements Project. “I think that’s going to be a real challenge for the new manager,” Finz said.

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