Letter: Jonathan Erickson, Sterling

Editor: In the June 12 Republican Primary we are asked to choose between three men, one is a minister one is assemblyman and the other is the chairman of the board from Prince William.

I admire and enjoy listening to E.W. Jackson and Nick Freitas speak but style is not much of a factor when I choose my candidate.

Corey Stewart, on the other hand, is rather blunt when he speaks to say the least but if results matter that method seems to work. There is a  0.00 charge for concealed carry permits in Prince William. They have a budget, taxes when adjusted for inflation are lower than in 2010.

Freitas on the other hand has a positive rating from the NRA and a couple of votes that give millions of dollars in a raise to a failed Metro system. Fewer riders now then they have had since 2001 and he feels that is worthy of more tax dollars. Why  spend money on one stop in Loudoun not located on airport property with increased amounts for not 1, not 2 but 5 years, yikes. Could large donors be a factor? You be the judge. It is said Democrats raise taxes but Libertarians are willing to spend our tax dollars on faulty systems whose new concrete panels will have to be glued every 10 years. Forgive me if I doubt Metro’s ability to maintain their product for 10 years and try and forgive Freitas for wasting tax payer dollars on this caboose, egads.

Jonathan Erickson, Sterling


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