Letter: Nancy Feeney, Purcellville

Editor:  I have just read in Loudoun Nowthat Supervisor Suzanne Volpe at the Transportation and Land use Committee, said, “because if they’re Irish and Italian and Catholic, trust me, there’ll be kids, even if you put them in a 400 square foot place, right?”

That statement is wrong on so many levels.

That type of slur speech is so inappropriate for this day and age. It is from the time of anti-Irish,  anti-Catholic, and anti-Italian digs for their differences from the English slave masters. It is sexual to imply that “they” have too many children.
I expect that Ms. Volpe understand that this is the 21st century and that planning for the future does not include backhanded digs to anyone, no matter race or religion.
Loudoun has to do better than that.
An apology is required, a resignation is preferred.
Nancy Feeney, Purcellville

One thought on “Letter: Nancy Feeney, Purcellville

  • 2018-05-31 at 10:00 am

    Or she said it because she’s Catholic. A simple Google search shows that she’s a long-term member of Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church, was the PTO Secretary at that school, and was a driving force in bringing the Fairfax Christian School to Loudoun County. But sure, let’s get offended about something, Nancy.

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