Letter: Marcia Carlyn, Leesburg

Editor: For the first time ever in Loudoun County, six Democratic candidates will be on the ballot in Tuesday’s primary election. They are all talented people who share a common goal: unseating Congresswoman Barbara Comstock in November. It is sure to be a hard-fought race. I’ve heard our 10th Congressional District race is one of the top three contests in the country.

I believe Lindsey Davis Stover has the best chance of winning in November. Lindsey is not a typical politician. She is passionate about helping others and can relate to the economic struggles that a lot of folks are facing right now … she knows how it feels from her personal experience. Although you wouldn’t guess it looking at her, Lindsey is also a real fighter. She’ll fight for better jobs, affordable health care, better educational options, protecting our environment, and common-sense gun laws. It’s clear that Lindsey cares about voters and has the skills to make a difference in our lives. She knows what Congress is like, having been a successful chief of staff for a Democratic congressman in a right-leaning district. Later, as a senior advisor in the Obama administration, she was a highly effective advocate for Veterans. In everything she’s done, Lindsey has been a strong leader who truly cares about helping others.

Now more than ever, we need someone representing us in Congress who is not afraid to confront and address the terrible decisions that are being made by the current administration. We need Lindsey!

Marcia Carlyn, Leesburg

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