Letter: Ellie Smeal, Feminist Majority

Editor: I have been on the frontlines fighting for women’s equality for over four decades. As the co-founder of the Virginia-based Feminist Majority, and a Virginia voter myself, I am passionate about bringing great representation to the Commonwealth’s 10th Congressional District. I firmly believe that it is critically important to elect Alison Friedman in the Democratic Primary this Tuesday, June 12, so she can take on Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock in November.

Alison is a tireless advocate for women who has the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of a first-time candidate as well as extensive federal government experience, a combination that will allow her to deliver strong, comprehensive policies straight out of the gate.

Alison’s years in Obama’s State Department established a record of tackling big problems and delivering results. She’s authored landmark legislation to combat human trafficking, and fought to protect voting rights, women’s rights, medical privacy, our environment, and civil rights. She’s spent her life standing up to abuses of power and thus provides a stark contrast to Barbara Comstock, who has voted in line with President Trump 97 percent of the time.

Alison’s career has been devoted to public service, and she has run a competitive campaign without compromising on her core principles or polices that will benefit Virginia’s families. Alison has been unequivocal in her promise to stand up to the National Rifle Association (NRA), and has managed to outraise her opponents without accepting donations from big-business interests.

Virginia’s 10th Congressional District has been ranked as one of the most vulnerable Republican-controlled seats in the country. We can take back this district, but it won’t be easy. We cannot rely on a Democratic wave to regain control of Congress — we must fight hard and fight smart. That means electing Alison Friedman.

Ellie Smeal, Founder

Feminist Majority

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