Letter: Ferdinand Hui, Furnace Mountain

Editor: As a long-time resident of the Lucketts community, I think the question that we must all ask is, “What is our vision for Loudoun?” The proposed construction of a new large-format gas station north of Lucketts, if approved as proposed, compounds the features of urban living creeping into our beautiful lands and social fabric. The proposed gas station would add new sources of pollution, traffic congestion and noise to the two-lane highway that leads out of Virginia and into Maryland.

While the development of land may well be a one-way process, I would like to think that as a community we have voice to be able to say no, when a new for profit venture threatens our ideals of green grass, clean air and blue skies—when it threatens the purity of our water and adds to the traffic jams around our homes.

If we allow a large, multi-pump concrete-paved gas station to displace the green grass in this otherwise quiet part of Loudoun to go forward, we are giving into the encroachment of more city, more possible accidents and more pollution for a very slim chance at a profitable new business.

Does Loudoun and Rt. 15 need 20+ more pumps?  Is the benefit of this station to our community worth the risks to our air, grass, and vision of Loudoun?

I say no.

Too much pollution, increased rick of traffic accidents and related deaths for someone’s personal gain.

I am confident that the Board of Supervisors will assure the public safety and Health are their foci.

Ferdinand Hui, Furnace Mountain

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