Poets Walk Pushes Technology To Monitor Patient Safety

The latest advances in technology are working to provide seniors with the early detection of debilitating infections and diseases as well as high quality of care.

The Signature Trends program at Poet’s Walk Memory Care Community in Leesburg employs a multifaceted program that includes a customizable safety trending system providing data on a patient’s habits and alerts team members to potential health problems; electronic health records; and a private platform that shares photos and information about the residents to their loved ones, as well as information about Poet’s Walk Leesburg’s events.

“There is so much happening in technology these days. Staying a front-runner with these advances is paramount with the care and health of our residents,” said Pamalla Erice (Reese) Douglas-Southers, director of Resident Care at Poet’s Walk Leesburg. “All of this technology gives us a greater ability to monitor our residents and intervene when necessary, avoiding sickness and admission to the hospital whenever possible. It also keeps their loved ones informed right away of everything the resident is doing and enjoying at Poet’s Walk.”

Poet’s Walk Leesburg is located at 102 Desmond Plaza SE in Leesburg. For more information, go to poetswalkleesburg.com.

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