The Chamber Experience: Landey Patton, State Farm Agent

During 2018, the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce is celebrating 50 years of community service. In the monthly column, we put the spotlight on some current members and learn what they value about the organization.

Landey Patton owns an award-winning State Farm agency in downtown Leesburg, above the lingerie store. He specializes in homeowners, liability, life, and disability insurance, and especially loves helping small business owners.

Loudoun Now: When asked at a party “what do you do,” how do you answer? And what do you really do?

Patton: I help families keep financial peace of mind and help nonprofits increase their brand awareness and grow their endowments exponentially. I really spend my day training my awesome staff, connecting with mortgage loan officers, and scheming ways to help nonprofits in any way I can.

LN: Do you have a networking magic story?

Patton: Tough one. I’ve met all sorts of fantastic people. I’m not sure that I have anything “magic” yet, just “it’s a small world” kind of stuff. I can say I have met a ton of people that have helped me with all aspects of my business. People who are friends, advocates, and will go to bat for me if need be. They understand what it means to own and operate a small business and can relate easily to the good and bad.

Landey Patton, State Farm

LN: For those who are not yet Chamber members but are curious, what are the best two or three events during the year to check out?

Patton: For me it’s the monthly chamber breakfast business showcase at Belmont Country Club. Second to that, I love the monthly happy hour mixer, and of course the Young Professionals (YP) happy hour can’t be missed.

LN: What was your first job, and what do you hope will be your last job?

Patton: My first “job” was repairing mooring chains for a summer in Bermuda (rough right?). First corporate job was data entry in Canary Wharf London. My first real job was as a wireline engineer running a truck and a crew in the Rockies based out of Colorado. We produced geophysical data for operators to maximize production from their oil and gas wells. The last post I held was in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, doing the same thing, autonomously. Coldest temp I saw was -80 Fahrenheit; I watched the sunset for 24 hours straight; and I witnessed the aurora borealis during a magnetic storm while repairing a flat in -30 Fahrenheit. My last job I hope will be this one! As long as I am learning and growing I am happy, and there is no end to that here. I’m a marketer, trainer, recruiter, advocate, advisor, and financial professional. I’ll keep adding hats as I go. I’ve heard a saying that State Farm agents don’t retire … they die. So with that being said I give it at least 50 years.

LN: What’s the most fun you’ve had at a Chamber event?

I’d say my favorite event was the mixer at ProJet Aviation. Just a cool building filled with planes, helicopters, awesome people, local beer and great food. It was, simply, a fantastic evening.

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