Waterford Tiny House Featured on HGTV

While Loudoun residents have most likely seen regional locations on television before, they’ve probably never seen a show about a few local business owners living in a tiny house.

The Wine Reserve at Waterford Co-owners Cori and Jon Phillips this week saw HGTV crews show up to film them as they moved into their new, 400-square-foot house. The couple’s move is being featured on the network’s fifth season of Tiny House Hunters, which follows future homebuyers on their quest to downsize and find the perfect miniature abode. Cori said the filming experience was a first for the couple.

“It was fun for us,” she said. “It was a lot of work, it was a long day.”

Jon’s sister, Lisa Sinclair, said the filming was a bit different than what it looks like on TV. She said that while it will seem like the film crew was onsite for multiple days, all the filming was completed in just one. The entire show was “totally unscripted,” though.

According to Cori, the couple realized last summer that they needed to change their lifestyle, after two years of living with their 3-year-old son in a West Virginia home owned by Jon’s parents. With the two running the winery and also working full time, Jon working as an attorney in Fairfax, and Cori working as a consultant in Bethesda, their days were long. “The commute is pretty killer,” Cori said.

The two were on a search for something extra convenient—something less expensive that would allow them to live closer to work and even closer to their winery, which they opened in January 2016. They ultimately decided to buy a $95,000 tiny house, place it next door to the tasting room, hook it up to the property’s existing utilities and move in.

HGTV film crews were at the Wine Reserve at Waterford this week to film Jon and Cori Phillips moving into their new 400-square-foot tiny house for an episode Tiny House Hunters.

“It cuts a good hour and a half from my commute,” Cori said.  “We’re trading size for location.”

Although it was last fall that HGTV first visited Waterford to film the first installment of the episode, it wasn’t until last Friday that the Phillips’ tiny house arrived and Tuesday when the film crew showed up to film them moving in and showing their friends and family. The episode is now set to air by September.

Inside the Phillips’ tiny house is a relatively spacious main living area, a kitchen with mostly all full-size appliances, a bathroom and laundry area, two bedrooms and a small deck on the roof. The family, which now includes an infant daughter, should be fully moved in by the end of July.

To celebrate the new chapter in their lives, the Philips are debuting a new white-blend wine this weekend called Home Sweet Home. Cori said creating new wines for business and personal milestones is something they’ve done since opening. “This seemed to make sense,” she said.

An air date has not yet been set, but Cori said it will likely be sometime in September.


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