Superintendent Williams Headed for $25K Pay Raise

Loudoun County School Superintendent Eric Williams is about to get a $25,000 raise.

The School Board is poised on Tuesday to unanimously approve a contract extension for the superintendent out to 2022, and up his pay by 9 percent. The meeting agenda shows the contract on the board’s consent agenda, which means it will likely pass without public debate or discussion. The board gave Williams a performance evaluation during a closed meeting in May.

The contract promises a compensation package of $327,000, which includes a base salary of $285,000. He would also continue to receive a $12,000 annual car allowance and a $30,000 salary deferral, money that he can receive as taxable compensation or elect to deposit into supplemental retirement accounts, according to the contract.

It also includes a longevity bonus of $20,000 if he stays another four years and promises automatic raises when the board approves raises for the rest of the division staff members and Williams receives a stellar evaluation. That raise will be the weighted average percentage increase for all employees.

[See the full contract here.]

Williams was hired in 2014 following the retirement of Edgar B. Hatrick, who led the school system for 23 years. He was hired on a four-year contract that included a compensation package of $347,201 ($14,400 of which was one-time pay to cover moving expenses) and a base salary of $240,000.

If the board approves the pay raise, this will be the second time since Williams was hired that he received a raise and a contract extension. In 2016, he received a $14,000 raise and a two-year contract extension.

Still, Williams’ pay check is smaller than other superintendents in Northern Virginia. Prince William County Superintendent Steven Walts’ compensation package is $413,856, with a base pay of $307,007. Scott Brabrand, the superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools, the largest school division in Virginia, receives an annual salary of $290,000.

Williams’ pay raise is scheduled to begin July 1.

5 thoughts on “Superintendent Williams Headed for $25K Pay Raise

  • 2018-06-25 at 5:20 pm

    It’s great being a public manager. You never have to earn a dime and all you do is spend the money the serfs make for you.

  • 2018-06-25 at 6:51 pm

    I wonder if this press release was written by LCPS themselves. Talk about distorting the facts:

    1. LCPS is in the midst of numerous counties in NOVA, some bigger (Fairfax, Prince William) and some smaller (Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Fauquier, and Stafford). Williams is paid much more than the Supts of the smaller counties. It is true that he does not get as much as counties having over twice as many students, but is that surprising?

    2. Williams has presided over a rash of suicides, failed to report a band instructor to VDOE who took indecent liberties with his students for over a year, and “led” LCPS during a period in which the US Office of Civil Rights found violations no less than 8 times (with many more pending). Is this “stellar” work? Would anybody in their right mind give somebody a 5%/yr raise based on that?

    3. Why is the school board giving such a large pay raise to Williams without discussion? Is there nobody on the board who thinks 1/3 of a million $ is what it takes to get a halfway competent Supt?

    I guess it does take a lot to get a Supt willing to knowingly lie about the financials and provide cover for corrupt school board members seeking massive pay raises for their spouses. In the end, the kids don’t matter to any of these folks. Their public image and their paychecks are what matter. They just hope the citizens don’t end the unaccountable party that is LCPS.

  • 2018-06-26 at 9:23 am

    Giving Dr. Williams a raise after the increasing number of scandals under his watch is akin to the special education administrators of Virginia giving an award to LCPS special ed director Dr. Jimenez after the ongoing seclusion/restraint scandal (with more to follow)…oh wait, they DID give her an award, just a few months AFTER that article hit the Times-Mirror. LCPS is apparently using the federal government as a model for how to reward incompetence.

  • 2018-06-26 at 11:34 am

    Wow! Incredibly high salary even before the raise! I’d take the job for a third the pay and do a better job.

  • 2018-06-26 at 2:11 pm

    Disappointed in the normally very good writer getting a bit sloppy on this one.

    Williams may or may not be a good superintendent, but how would you know from this? What are the measures that and how have those fared under his tenure? What are some of the other factors? An raise on merit might be warranted but you’d never know from this article and I suspect the press release.

    Provide some context here – are test scores up? Dropout rate down? Overcrowding? Teacher retention?

    The “his check is smaller” is relative – how many students do each of those counties have?

    Perhaps answering some of the questions posed above he’s paid fairly, or even overpaid. But who would know from this article?

    When an individual is one of the top two compensated public officials in the county, a 9 percent increase warrants a little more than “well, his paycheck is still smaller.”

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