Loudoun’s Commission on Aging Targets Housing, Adult Abuse

The Loudoun County Commission on Aging’s proposed work plan targets the older population’s transportation and housing needs, and concerns about abuse, but the plan’s ambition has county staff members skeptical.

In particular, although the Board of Supervisors and the staff endorsed most of the commission’s objectives, the proposal to better address alleged or suspected abuse of adults has been sent to board’s Finance, Government Operations and Economic Development committee for a second round of discussion.

Under the commission’s plan, member Richard Routman would oversee work to “address the concern of whether alleged or suspected adult abuse is being reported by mandated reporters particularly in institutional care settings.” County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Service staff recommended against including this objective, deciding it would involve inspecting those institutions and would overlap with the responsibilities of Adult Protective Services in the Department of Family Services, and would require a large amount of resources.

Other projects proposed for commission members include identifying transportation issues, needs and solutions relating to Loudoun seniors; monitoring the implementation of the Countywide Transportation Plan, currently under review as part of Envision Loudoun; researching the needs of seniors isolated in their homes; researching the development of a telephone auto call system to check up on seniors daily; and determining the need for and creation of affordable housing for seniors.

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