Loudoun Government Grant Expands OAR’s Inmate Support Programs

After receiving a $145, 658 grant from the Board of Supervisors, OAR will expand its jail-based and post-release services for Loudoun residents involved with the criminal justice system.

With the additional funds, OAR hopes to help more individuals break the cycle of crime; establish a crime-free, self-sufficient life; and create a safer community for all Loudoun residents.

OAR will provide classes and programs such as Fatherhood, Life Skills, Anger Management, and Employment Skills for individuals detained in the Loudoun Adult Detention Center. Case management services will be provided to assist detainees as they plan for a successful release and will also be provided for up to 12 months after release. Case management services will address emergency needs, risk factors specific to each individual, and assist the recently released to obtain housing and employment necessary to successfully reintegrate in to the community.

“OAR has been providing reentry services in Loudoun County for over 25 years,” stated Loudoun Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large).”I recognize and appreciate the important role of OAR amongst the human service provider network. This funding will allow OAR to expand services, provide more effective services, and establish a much stronger presence in the County.”

Loudoun County awards annual grants to community-based nonprofits through a competitive application and review process.

Good Shepard Alliance, Loudoun Cares Cut Out of County Gov’t Grants


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  • 2018-07-09 at 5:12 pm

    What a great photo of the courthouse through the bars of the fence for an article about an inmate support program. Someone is thinking cleverly.

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