Letter: Chris Alderman, Leesburg

Editor: I would like to say farewell to the unnamed forest along Broad Run, just south of the Rt. 7 and Rt. 28 interchange and just north of Gloucester Parkway, that is slated for development.
Mother Forest, while I did not know you well, I did have the pleasure of meeting you face to face very briefly. You are the daughter of the victim of a ravenous rampage. I hope your dispatch and butchering goes quickly and smoothly, and those displaced find homes in short order.

Those “developing” you will never fully understand your true value as a community of living things and a fellow sentient being in your own right. They do not value Life. They will never stop to partake of your delicious hickory nuts or pawpaws. They tear their sterile food from plastic wrapping. They will never stop to breathe your cool, sweet air. They prefer dry, artificial air.

I would ask you to forgive them as they mangle your flesh and sunder the life from you. I know you have provided benefit to more living things than any trendy human development ever will. May you someday return from the soil.

Chris Alderman, Leesburg

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