Letter: Kellen Squire, Barboursville

Editor: As an emergency department nurse, there’s been a number of things that Senator Jennifer Wexton has done to impress me, from not being afraid to stand up to her own party when the situation warranted it, to how strongly she stood behind Senator Creigh Deeds and his fight to tackle the Mental Health crisis in the commonwealth. But what I’ve appreciated from her most of all is how tirelessly she fought for Medicaid Expansion here in Virginia.

We were sending billions of our tax dollars to California and New York simply because the Virginia GOP—including Barbara Comstock, who fought harder against Medicaid Expansion than almost anyone else- wanted to deprive Democrats of a “political win,” no matter how many Virginians got hurt in the process.

It meant my brothers and sisters and I in emergency services (Fire, EMS, LEO, ER) have had to hold the line because of politicians who didn’t care how full our ER waiting rooms were, or how many EMTs, nurses, and firefighters burned out in the process. They cared about their jobs, and about playing politics, before all else- and now finally, the people of the 10th District have a chance to have a tireless fighter for their interests in Congress. Someone who doesn’t care about the letter in front of your name, but what she can do to make your life better.

Jennifer Wexton is the real deal.

Kellen Squire, Barboursville

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