Letter: Barry Stern, Purcellville

Editor:In the entire time I’ve known her, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has always been willing to go beyond the call of duty. My wife, Evelyne, and my family know this from firsthand experience.

Evelyne and I called on Congresswoman Comstock’s office for help with Evelyne’s naturalization process. Comstock’s office was professional, courteous and quick to offer help. They helped expedite Evelyne’s naturalization. If you’ve ever worked with immigration, it’s never a quick process, so to receive the Congresswoman’s help was a relief in many ways.

Comstock is also extremely personable. She visited my daughter’s school, The Aurora School, and was incredibly thoughtful, understanding and caring during her three-hour visit. Aurora is one of the only schools in northern Virginia that specializes in providing behavioral therapy for children with severe neurological disabilities such as autism. To see the time she was willing to commit to getting to know people in our community showed me that she truly does care.

I will proudly vote for Barbara again this fall, and not just because I agree with her positions, approach to governing and ability to bring together diverse people to solve tough problems. It’s mostly because of the kind of quality person she is.  We need more people like her in elected leadership.

Barry Stern, Purcellville


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