Letter: Derrick A. Max, Round Hill

Editor:   Few know Virginia’s 10th District like our representative, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. Not only has she been a pillar in our community for the past 30 years, but she has also visited our homes, churches, places of employment, festivals and fairs so often that I often wonder if she has a clone.

Barbara has become a fixture in our neighborhoods and she knows our needs like no one else.  This has allowed her to compile a proven record of solutions that has benefitted and protected the 10th District, while also strengthening the American economy.

What I like most is that Congresswoman Comstock doesn’t let party get in the way of solutions.  She has worked with both parties to develop important transportation solutions,  to protect our beautiful landscapes by supporting wide-ranging agriculture businesses from farms to breweries and wineries, and to help make the Research and Development Tax Credit permanent which has helped fuel the growth of 21st-century jobs in technology, healthcare, and defense throughout the District.

From the farms and agricultural edges of the 10th District to the high technology corridors in its center, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s leadership and support of historic tax cuts has helped lift huge burdens that were weighing down our local economy and has helped improve the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors.

Barbara Comstock is the leader we need for the 10th District to continue to prosper for years to come!  Tell her, or her clone, that next time you see her.

Derrick A. Max, Round Hill


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