Mekarski Withdraws Reimbursement Request

Just two weeks after asking that the Town of Purcellville to cover additional relocation expenses, Town Manager David Mekarski has withdrawn his request.

Mekarski said the rationale for his decision was to show town staff, residents and businesses his commitment in accomplishing the vision, mission, goals and objectives set by the Town Council. He also noted that his acceptance of the job “was never associated with personal gain.”

At the July 10 Town Council meeting, Mekarski requested that the Town Council consider amending his employment contract to either extend the time he receives reimbursement for transition expenses beyond six months or to increase the amount he receives to more than $1,000 each month. Mekarski said that because his Illinois house has yet to sell, the mortgage on that house and the rent for his Purcellville home are exceeding 90 percent of his net take home pay.

His employment contract currently requires the town to reimburse him up to $10,000 for moving expenses and up to $1,000 each month for six months, May-October, for transition expenses.

“I recognize that it is in the best interest to solve this hardship personally rather than placing this burden on the town’s taxpayers,” he said. “My commitment as your town manager is to work each and every day to achieve the highest quality of life to our residents.”

Mekarski’s decision to withdraw his request follows some resident backlash.

“His house not selling in Illinois is not the problem of the taxpayers,” one person commented on the original Loudoun Now story. “Enough money has been spent frivolously by the town in the past year.”

Just as Councilman Tip Stinnette thanked Mekarski for his “wise decision,” Councilman Chris Bledsoe also thanked him “for his prudent action.” “I appreciate that very much and I look forward to working with him,” Bledsoe said.

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